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Rules for the Adib Alim and Fazil Examination

Rule 3.1: The Adib Alam and Fazil annual/supplementary Examinations shall be held, in such languages on such dates and at such places as may be fixed by the Chairman every year. It shall be open to regular as well as private candidates subject to the eligibility as prescribed in the rules. The nomenclature of the Examinations shall be as under:

1. Adib, Alim & Fazil Annual Examination.
2. Adib, Alim & Fazil Supplementary Examination.

Rule 3.2: Eligibility Conditions to Appear in Adib Alim and Fazil Examination:
In order to be eligible to appear in the Adib Alim and Fazil examination a candidate must.

1. Submit his/her admission form and the prescribed fee to the Board by such dates as may be fixed by the Chairman together with the following certificates signed by an authorized person:

  1. Of possessing good moral character.
  2. Of having paid the prescribed fee to the Board.
  3. Of belonging to or residing in an area falling within the territorial limits of the Board. Candidates from outside jurisdiction of the Board shall produce NOC/transfer Certificates from their parent Board. Parent/Board means the Board from which the candidate passed his last examination and if he has not passed any such examination the Board in which his permanent place of domicile is situated.
  4. Of no simultaneously being a candidate for any examination to be held by this or any other Board or University.
2. Submit 4 copies of his recent photographs (incase of male candidates) and thumb impression (in the case of female candidates) duly attested by the authority prescribed under rule 3-3. However a female candidate will keep a copy of her photograph duly attested by the same authority who had attested her admission form for proper identification in the examination center.

3. Only such candidates are eligible to appear in the Fazil Examination as have already qualified the Secondary School Certificate Examination.

Rule 3.3: Admission form Attesting Authority:
The following persons shall be competent to attest the admission forms of those private candidates who are residing within a radius of four miles from their institutions
(i) Head of recognized/affiliated Institutions and their Deputies (by whatever designation they may be called)
(ii) The superintendent Jail is authorized to attest the admission from of prisoner candidate of his jail.

Rule 3.4: Qualifying conditions for the grant of Adib Aliam and Fazil Certificate:
(i) To qualify for the grant of Adib Alim or Fazil Certificate, a candidate must pass all the papers taken up according to the scheme of studies
(ii) To qualify for the grant of the Adib Alim or Fazil certificate, a candidate shall be provided with a maximum of three consecutive examination opportunities in case he/she fails in one or two papers in the first attempt
(iii) A candidate allowed to reappear in the failing paper under sub rule 3.4 (ii) above after qualifying the examination shall be granted a certificate of having passed the examination in parts.
(iv) No additional examination opportunity shall be provided in lieu of an opportunity missed by a candidate for any reason except in the following cases:
  1. A candidate involved in the alleged use of unfair means but subsequently acquitted and the decision is taken so late that all the permissible chances have expired.

  2. A candidate whose result remains incomplete or declared late except on account of default of a candidate and consequently, he misses all the permissible chances.

  3. A candidate who is blind or deaf and dumb may qualify the examination willingly 6 consecutive attempts. He will be exempted from reappearing in the papers in which he has passed.

4. A candidate who fails to qualify the examination in three attempts may repeat the examination as a fresh candidate.

5. A candidate who has qualified Adib Alim or Fazil Examination shall be placed in one of the following grades.

Sr. No Percentage of Marks Grade Remarks
1. 80 % and above marks A+ Exceptional
2. 70 % and above but below 80 % A Excellent
3. 60 % and above but below 60 % B Very Good
4. 50 % and above but below 60 % C Good
5. 40 % and above but below 50 % D Fair
6. 33 % and above but below 40 % E Satisfactory
7. Below 33 % F Fail

Rule 3.5: Scheme of Studies:
The scheme of Studies for the Adib Alim and Fazil examination including the number of papers and their weightage in term of mark and the duration of each paper etc, shall be as prescribed in the scheme of studies.

Rule 3.6: The medium of examination shall be Urdu. However the relevant language can also be used as medium of exam. with the prior permission of Chairman.

Rule 3.7: Pass marks:
In order to pass in a papers, the candidate must obtain at least 33% of the total No. of marks allotted to the paper provided that fraction in the minimum pass marks shall be ignored.

Rule 3.8: Secondary School Certificate After Adib or Alim examination

A candidate who has passed the Adib or Alim examination of the Board or an examination recognized as equivalent thereto may appear in

  1. English only and on qualifying be granted a certificate to that effect.
  2. English, Mathematics, Pakistan Studies and one other subject from the Humanities group not being a language and on qualifying in these be the granted the secondary school certificate. The grade of such a candidate shall be determined on the basis of aggregate of marks secured by him/her and the total No of the marks allotted to the subject or subjects referred to above according to the criteria given in the rule 3.4 (7).
Note: The subject mentioned in (i) and (ii) above relate to the scheme of studies for secondary school certificate examination.

Intermediate Certificate After Alim or Fazil

Rule 3.9: A candidate who has passed the Alim or Fazil Examination of the Board, or an examination recognized as equivalent thereto, may appear in the intermediate Examination in:
  1. English only and, on qualifying be granted a certificate to that effect provided that he/she had previously passed in English of the Secondary School Examination.
  2. English and two other subjects from the Humanities Group neither being languages non having practical and on qualifying these subjects be granted the Intermediate Certificate provided that he/she has passed the Secondary School Examination at least two years previously. The grade of such a candidate shall be determined on him/her and the total number of marks allowed to the subjects referred to above according to the criteria given in rule 3.4 (6).
Rule 3.10: A candidate who has passed the subject of English only of the Secondary School Certificate or Intermediate Examination after having passed a Language Examination may be allowed to appear in the remaining subjects of Secondary School Certificate or Intermediate Examination as the case may be, at any time before appearing in any higher examination provided the subjects carrying the practical shall not be taken at Intermediate level.

Rule 3.11: Rate of Admission of fee & submission of Admission forms:
  1. The rates of fee for Adib Alim & Fazil examination and Registration fee shall be such as may prescribed by the Board from time to time.
  2. Except as otherwise provided in the rules, the admission forms and fee of all the candidates should reach. The office of the Board together on or before the dates fixed by the Chairman. If the admission form is sent by registered post after paying the admission fee to the Board account or sending it by money order at least three days before the dates prescribed for submission of admission forms with or with out late fee, the admission form and fee shall be considered as to have been received in time provided it is received in the office of the Board not later than 10 days after the last date fixed for submission of admission forms.

  3. If the admission form and fee of a candidate is received by registered post with in five days after the last date fixed for submission of admission forms with the late fee no late fee shall be charged.

    Admission form received in contravention shall be rejected. However such admission forms may be re-submitted on payment of the prescribed fee pay able on the date of re-submission according to the schedule together with such fee as may be prescribed by the Board.

  4. If the result of a candidate is declared late, except for reason of any default on his part, and the candidate has to re-appear in a subsequent examination or the basis of result, the admission form and the prescribed fee of such a candidate for the examination may be accepted without the payment of late fee within 15 days from the date of declaration of his/ her result or the date fixed for submission of admission forms and fee without late fee, whichever is later.
Concessionary Marks:

Rule 3.12: A candidate, who is short of 1% marks allotted to the scheme of studies, will be awarded the requisite number of marks so as to enable him to pass the examination, subject to the condition that these marks shall not be physically added to the aggregate Provided that the grace shall not be permissible to the candidates mentioned. A fraction in the concessionary marks shall be counted as one. A note to this effect shall be given on the result card and certificate of the candidate who avails of the concession of grace marks.

No grace marks shall be given to the candidates of the following categories:-
  1. Candidates appearing in additional subjects.
  2. Candidates appearing to improve the marks/grade where in all the subjects or in a subject in which he has availed of the benefit of grace marks.
  3. Candidates appearing under rule.

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