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Rules for Intermediate Examination Part-Wise

1. Part-wise examination to be held at the end of class-XI will be called Intermediate Part-I and examination held at the end of XII class will be called Intermediate Part-II examination.

2. Examination in Part-I and Part-II taken together will be called Composite Examination. The main condition of eligibility to take composite examination is that the candidate must have passed the SSC or equivalent examination at least two years before. Those appearing in Part-I Examination must have passed SSC or equivalent examination at least one year before.

3. Under this system the term of Paper A and Paper B shall be discontinued and in stead Paper–I and Paper-II will be used.

4. There will be no supplementary examination in Part-I.

5. The paper of Islamic Education will be held in Part-I and that of Pakistan Studies will be held in Part-II.

6. Total number of marks each in Part-I and Part-II will be 550.

7. After appearing in Part-I a student shall be promoted to class XII without waiting for the result.

8. To pass in a subject a candidate will be required to obtain at least 33% marks. To pass the Part-I examination a candidate must pass in the subjects carrying total marks of 300. To pass the failing subject/s (if any), it will be compulsory to appear in those paper/s in the immediate next Annual examination together with the papers of Part-II. A candidate failing to pass subjects carrying total marks of 300, will appear in all the papers of Part-I with all the papers of Part-II. This will be considered one examination and the appearance in all the subjects will be subject to appearance in the allotted examination center. No additional chance will be given for any reason including illness.

9. It will be compulsory to separately pass in theory and practical papers of a subject in Part-I. This rule shall also apply in Part-II. However total marks in Theory and Practical in Part-I and Part-II, will form the basis of application of this rule.

10. It will be compulsory for a student who has passed the GCE O-Level or any other equivalent examination, to appear in Part-I examination.

11. Time allowed for a practical examination, in both parts, shall be two hours, except for Fine Arts for which time allowed will be three hours. Time allowed for a paper (other than practical) will be three hours. However time allowed for papers of Islamic Education (Compulsory), Pakistan Studies (Compulsory) and Fine Arts shall be two hours each.

12. Last date for admission to Ist Year class in recognized and institution shall be 30th September of the calendar year. Those passing the SSC examination in Supplementary shall be eligible to seek admission in Ist Year class as per schedule to be announced by the Board.

13. All examinations shall be held according to the schedule to be announced by the Board.

14. A result card will be issued about the result of examination in Part-I. No certificate will be issued to those passing the Part-I examination. A certificate will be issued to successful candidates after passing the Part-II Exam.

15. A candidate who has already appeared (and passed or failed) in Part-I examination, will not be allowed to appear only in Part-I examination once again.

16. A regular student can appear in Part-I together with Part-II only if he has failed in Part-I. However private candidates can appear in both the parts together.

17. A regular/private candidate of Part-I disqualified for one or more examinations can appear in Part-I together with Part-II after the period of disqualification is over, provided that the candidate has attended the prescribed minimum number of lectures in case of regular candidate. Moreover chance in supplementary examination of a candidate disqualified for more than one examination, will be considered as ‘notional’. All cases of unfair means against regular/private candidates will be decided under prevalent rules. In case of punishment the result of Part-I examination will also be cancelled. Such a candidate will be eligible to appear in Part-I and Part-II together.

18. In order to become eligible to appear in Part-I examination, it will be compulsory for a regular candidate to have attended at least 75% of the lectures delivered and obtained at least E Grade in the internal assessment scheme. Similar condition will apply to be eligible to appear in Part-II examination.

19. The institution which does not send the admission form of a regular student because of shortage of lectures or because of F Grade, shall re-admit the student to Ist Year class, to enable him to appear next year. If there is such a situation in Part-II, admission form may be sent for Supplementary Examination (after the deficiency has been met). If a candidate is unable to appear in Part-I examination for whatever reason, after issuance of Roll No Slip, his admission for Part-I examination may be sent with that of Part-II examination next year.

20. Registration of a student in Part-I will also hold good for Part-II.

21. If after passing in Part-I examination a regular student is unable to continue as a regular student because of adverse circumstances, he can appear in Part-II as a private candidate, provided that he has no subjects with practical.

22. No candidate can appear in the supplementary examination as a fresh candidate. However this condition will not apply to candidates appearing to improve marks or in additional subjects, provided they are otherwise eligible.

23. While compiling the result, marks in a subject in both papers (of Part-I and Part-II) will be added and final result will base on the total. If a candidate fails in one or two subjects, he will be placed in compartment. In case of failure in more than two subjects, he will be declared full fail. Those placed in compartment will be given immediate next two chances. Such a candidate will have to appear both in Part-I and Part-II.

24. If a candidate fails in a subject even after his marks in both the papers have been added, he will appear in the paper in which he has failed, not in the paper which he has passed; e.g. if a candidate secures 40 marks in the subject of Education in Paper I and 24 in paper-II, he will be deemed to have failed in paper-II only and will accordingly be placed in compartment in that paper only.

25. If a candidate passes all the papers of Part-I but does not appear in Part-II, his result of Part-I will be perserved till his appearing in Part-II examination or for a maximum period of two years, whichever is earlier. After that the result of Part-I will be cancelled.

26. A candidate will be given only one chance to improve division/grade/marks within two years of passing the Part-II examination. It will be up to the candidate to improve either Part-I or Part-II or both the parts together (composite). If he fails to improve the result, his previous result will remain intact. However a candidate who has passed the examination with grace marks can improve only the Part-In which no grace marks were awarded.

27. To improve division/grade/marks a candidate will have to appear in the same Board from where he has passed the examination.

28. If a candidate sends his admission form to improve division/grade/marks but fails to appear in the examination, his only chance to improve will remain intact provided it is within the prescribed period of two years.

29. Grade on the basis of internal assessment will be sent by the institution concerned along with admission form for Part-II examination. The grade will be mentioned on the certificate to be issued after the candidate has passed the examination.

30. No grace marks will be allowed in Part-I. However in the light of Board Calendar Rule 12, 1% of the total marks (at present 1100) will be available as grace marks. These marks will be awarded on the basis of combined result of Part- I and Part-II.

If a candidate does not want to pass the examination with grace marks, he may give in writing an affidavit on judicial stamp paper duly attested by a Class I Magistrate that he may be declared fail in the subjects in which he has been granted grace marks. He will further declare that on the basis of result with grace marks he has not sought admission to any college nor got any job/service. Further that he will never claim his result with grace marks. This affidavit must be submitted at least 30 days before the commencement of next examination.

On the basis of this affidavit a candidate shall be declared fail in the subject/s with grace marks and he may be allowed to appear in that papers provided further that he still has a chance to appear in compartment.

31. A candidate who has passed Part-I exam from any Board will be allowed to appear in Part-II examination of this Board.
A candidate who has appeared in Part-I examination from any other Board shall be eligible to appear in Part-II examination (as well as the paper's in which he has failed, if any) from this Board as per rules. However, this facility will be available only once in the academic session. Further in case of being placed in compartment in a subject/s after appearing in Part-II examination from this Board, he will have to appear in compartment from this Board.

32. No private candidate can offer a subject in Part-I or Part-II, which has practical with it.

33. A candidate who passes SSC in the Supplementary examination shall be eligible to appear in the next Part-I examination.

34. A candidate submits admission form for Part-II Science subjects and is declared eligible to appear, but fails to appear for certain reasons, may appear in the science subjects as a private candidate. However his chances to appear in the examination will be strictly as per rules. A chance missed by the candidate himself will be deemed to have been availed.

35. Science subject or subjects or Arts group with practical, cannot be offered by a private candidate. However if a regular candidate has appeared in a subject/s with practical fails after availing all chances, he may appear as a private candidate in those subject's.

36. If a candidate who has passed the Part-I examination is punished for using unfair means in Part-II, shall be disqualified for both in Part-I and Part-II.

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